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Senior Hardware Design Engineer

We are looking for a Senior hardware design engineer with exceptional designing and testing skills for analog & digital circuits and signal conditioning, particularly for metering/instrumentation applications.

In this role you will not only build the next generation of smart metering infrastructure that will help Utilities control the entire grid online, but also experience what all is involved in bringing a product from design to scaled up production. You will be part of the core research and development team at Gram Power.

Job Location: Jaipur

Experience desired: 4+ years

Education background: Undergraduate Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering

Job Responsibilities:

Execute various PCB layout and schematic design

  • Carry out circuit simulation
  • Design electronics circuits for various products
  • Troubleshoot hardware, board bring up for rapid product development
  • Design production test jigs as per the requirement
  • Responsible for part identification, and BOM preparation for Proto, Pilot and Production
  • Take steps to optimize the overall cost of a product
  • Plan and implement different processes for the improvement & enhancement
  • Comply with all requirement documents, with version control as per process.
  • Train and support functional & cross functional teams.
  • Take initiatives for new developments
Qualification and Experience:
  • Strong experience of designing and testing analog & digital circuits and signal conditioning, particularly for metering/instrumentation applications
  • Knowledge of microcontrollers
  • Knowledge of hardware testing principles for building robust test procedures and manufacturable designs
  • Experience of designing circuits to comply with EMI, EMC requirements in various national and international standards
  • Knowledge of various types of power supplies
  • Experience with RF systems and antenna design
  • Good analytical skills
  • Willingness to travel for testing at different testing labs.
  • Ability to work as a team player and coordinate with other departments