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Assistant Production Manager

This position will be responsible to ensure that our new production facility for smart meters is producing our products on time, as per desired quality parameters and within the targeted production costs. The position will carry out production planning, work with various stakeholders for designing production jigs and setup and implement systems and processes to carry out all production activities in a very systematic, organized and tracked manner.

Job Location: Jaipur

Job Responsibilities


  • Carry out daily, weekly and monthly production planning and resource allocation based on production targets
  • Ensure that adequate material is always available for production
  • Deal with external vendors for all technical communication such as quality control, assembly guidelines, packing guidelines, etc.
  • Manage the complete production team

Quality Control

  • Ensure implementation of quality control systems and processes for incoming, in-process and outgoing quality control of all products at Gram Power
  • Carry out root cause analysis of any failures and liason with design and procurement teams to ensure that failures are not repeated
  • Execute timely pre-production for any new products or designs
  • Collaborate with various teams to build test jigs and production jigs for efficient production
Qualifications, Skills & Experience
  • Diploma/Bachelors in Engineering, preferably electronics & communication
  • Minimum 3 years experience in production of electronic products
  • Must have managed a production line in past experience
  • Strong experience of implementing quality control systems and processes
  • Knowledge of total quality management, 5S and other modern production practices
  • Demonstrable experience of troubleshooting a problem and removing it from its root cause